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Originally painted by Steven LaRose, this iconic sign received a permanent installation in 2017 at 41471 SE Reinig Rd in Snoqualmie, WA. Richard and Barbara Koefod usually put up a temporary version of the sign during the Twin Peaks Festival, but due to the return of the series the city decided to honor the classic show and placed the sign there with the art commissioned ti Sally Rackets. Now Twin Peaks fans, old and new, can enter into the city of Twin Peaks with the same view as Cooper had.

One fun fact about the sign was that the sign would have originally featured the population size to by 5,120 but the executives of ABC felt that that number was too low. Especially to the television audiences of the 1990s. So a “1” was added to the population number, making it to 51,201. Here’s the kicker; according to a 1990 Census, this change made the city the ninth largest city (at least by population) in the state of Washington, hardly the small town that Sheriff Truman described to Agent Dale.

This was in 1990. But after the show ended, it seems that the audiences were more than willing to accept a smaller town. In the brochure “Welcome to Twin Peaks – Access Guide to the Town” from 1991 computer generated tour, the information was updated for the town to have a population of 5,120.1.

The Moving Sign

During the production of the series, hard core fans found it humorous that the sign would seem like it changed places. From the ABC promo spot to transition scenes within the show. The road was frequently shot to show character moving from one place to the next.

The sign can move within the show, but it can apparently move out of country as well. Being such charismatic little sign has led some Japanese companies to include it in their commercials in 1993!

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