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Twin Peaks Overview

We complied a list of Twin Peaks locations around North Bend for your convenience. All listed items are in order from closed to furthest from our location. Including historical landmarks such as Snoqualmie Falls and smaller show spefic locations such as the corner where Leland had his arguement. 

  1. Double R Diner
  2. The Traffic light
  3. Red Diamond Motel
  4. Welcome to Twin Peaks Sign
  5. Sparkwood & 21
  6. Packard Sawmill & Sheriff’s office
  7. Ronette’s Pulaski Trestle Bridge
  8. Leland Flips
  9. Fat Trout Trailer Park
  10. Twin Peaks High School
  11. Gazebo
  12. Blue Pine Lodge & Great Northern Hotel (Interior)
  13. The Great Northern (exteriors)
  14. Snoqualmie Falls
  15. Airstrip (Fall City Airport)
  16. FWWN Hap’s Diner
  17. Roadhouse
  18. Bookhouse
  19. Ed and Hurley’s house
  20. Big Ed’s Gas Farm
  21. The Picnic Spot