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The Best Coffee Places near North Bend

Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company

Quaint little coffee shop with nice employees and delicious coffee. There is a great selection of drinks available at affordable prices. On top of that, great pastries and snacks are available to enjoy.

Inside of Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company


Huxdotter Coffee

Huxdotter Coffee offers high quality lattes, espressos, and other drinks to enjoy. The quality of service at Huxdotter is superb since the people working there are friendly and welcoming. Huxdotter is less than half a mile of i90 and is worth the visit for the experience and delicious coffee.

Drive-thru of Huxdotter Coffee


Wanted Espresso

The drive thru line at Wanted Espresso is well worth the wait. The workers inside are really nice and always make orders correctly. The coffee here is arguably better than Starbucks and the service is relatively quick. It’s right of exit 31 in North Bend and you’ll be back on the road in minutes with your coffee.

Exterior of Wanted Espresso


The North Bend Bakery

This bakery in the heart of North Bend is well worth a visit. Its a quaint and perfect spot for a delicious latte and an ideal place to sit during a morning. The pastries and breakfast quiches are delicious and its difficult to choose what pastries to get. People here are very friendly and a lot of locals of North Bend visit the bakery. If you are finishing a hike, this is a great place to get a cup of coffee in order to refuel.

Pastries available at The North Bend Bakery


Cafe Minee

Charming little coffee place in downtown Snoqualmie that offers breakfast along with coffee. There is also a vast assortment of baked goods prepared daily by the owner. The owner is very frienly and accommodating and if you’re looking for a quick breakfast, this is the place to go.

Menu and pastries at Cafe Minee


The Bindlestick

The Bindlestick is a quaint quick-bite breakfast place in North Bend. Come here for the breakfast items and coffee that are offered. If you dine in, you’ll have a choice of your coffee cup hanging from the wall. It is a delightful shop with plenty of locals that live in the area.

Quaint Decor of the Bindlestick


Twede’s Cafe

The magic of this place is that both the interior and exterior match the RR Diner from Twin Peaks. The food is very good and is reasonably priced. The cherry pie is really good and you can order an excellent cup of coffee at the beginning of your meal.

Milkshake at Twede’s Cafe


The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind offers super quick and friendly service and a wide variety of beverages to choose from. If you want a go to place for an espresso, this is your go-to place. The barista is very nice and the coffee is very affordable and consistent.

Drive-thru of the Daily Grind



This Starbucks is a great place to get the coffee that the Seattle region is known for. The Starbucks is inside a grocery store in North Bend. It has friendly staff and drinks here are made to order and taste good.

Caramel being added to a drink at Starbucks


Brewed Awakening

Great place to grab a cappucino or whatever your favorite morning drink is. They make great cappuccinos here along with other exceptional beverages. The staff is fast and friendly, and the drinks are always great.

Menu at Brewed Awakening