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The Best Breakfast Places near North Bend

The North Bend Bakery

Delicious little bakery with all sorts of baked goods and breakfast options. I recommend the sausage and egg croissant with a pastry. You will not be disappointment with the tastiness of the food! A favorite among local are their quiches and apple cinnamon loaves. Stop and stay for breakfast even if you are just grabbing a pastry on your way through.

Spinach and feta quich from The North Bend Bakery


North Bend Bar and Grill

The food here is well done and consistent, but they still put subtle twists on their dishes. You also have a selection of local craft brews at North Bend Bar and Grill. This place does the basics right from consistently making base sauces to perfecting burger excellence on the flat top. You can just tell when you enter the bar and grill that they make their food with near perfection.

House smoked Moe’s Beef Brisket and a Pint by the fire


Twede’s Cafe

This is a great diner style breakfast with huge proportions! Here you’ll avoid the mass crowds and traffic in the morning. There’s a lot of seating at the table or bar area, and the service was quite fast. Also, if you are a fan of the 90’s television show Twin Peaks, dining here is an incredible experience. Don’t forget to order the cherry pie which is a favorite among locals!

Large Fries at Twede’s Cafe


Pioneer Coffee

This is a great place to get a breakfast meal along with coffee. Their in house made breakfast burritos are very good along with their fresh coffee. At Pioneer Coffee, there is a very relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff. There is ample parking in the back and it is a wonderful place to sit while using the free wifi inside.

Turkey Sandwich served and Pioneer Coffee


Huxdotter Coffee

Huxdotter Coffee is less than half a mile off i90 and it is well worth driving there! Coffee quality is excellent in their lattes and other beverages. Also, the espressos definitely do not disappoint here! Even better than the quality of the coffee is the quality of the service. The baristas are very friendly and kind, and you’ll feel welcome as soon as you enter. They help select your drink and serve you with a positive attitude. If you are ever passing through North Bend, this is the place to go to.

Tough as Nails Blend available at Huxdotter Coffee


Rio Bravo

This is one of the best places for breakfast in North Bend. There are friendly family vibes as you walk in and delicious food at a reasonable price. The tacos and burritos are a great choice at Rio Bravo. They also offer catered lunches and you’ll be blown away with the service you’ll receive. With very friendly and fast service, this is the place to try when you’re in North Bend.

Green Enchiladas with Egg at Rio Bravo


Little Si Restaurant and Lounge

Considering that the Little Si Restaurant is not a specialty pizza restaurant, they have some of the best pizza in town! The lunch special will cost $8 and it includes 2 slices of pizza with your choice of soup or salad. The soups and salads offered are both delicious and a nice complement to your meal. The new owner is a very nice man and you’ll have a great experience while enjoying the food in Little Si Restaurant and Lounge.

Club Sandwich with Fries served at Little Si Restaurant and Lounge


Riverbend Cafe

This is a local go to place since the service is extremely friendly and the food is well prepared. The locals especially love the cheeseburgers and the deserts. The cafe is situated next to a golf course and provides a nice view. Riverbend Cafe is a hidden gem in North Bend and it is a great place to get breakfast after a morning hike.

Steak Sandwich with Garlic Fries


The Bindlestick

This is a quaint coffee and quick-bite breakfast spot in North Bend. If you dine you’ll have a choice of a coffee cup hanging from the wall. The food is very tasty and prepared with care. Several local in The Bindlestick have their morning coffee and chat here. The staff are really pleasant and this is a place to come back to if you ever return to North Bend.

Pseudo gyro served at the Bindlestick


Cafe Minee

When you enter, you’ll be welcomed by the wonderful smell of coffee and baked goods. All the food here is amazing, but the croissants here are special. The chairs inside are very comfortable and they offer tasty muffins. You’ll want to come back here multiple times in your stay in North Bend to try the wide range of baked goods.

Sausage egg croissant and iced coffee from Cafe Minee