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Mount Si

The Festival at Mt. Si


The Festival at Mt. Si (formly known as Alpine Days) is a great family fun day and the the classic community festival; after all, it’s been a tradition for over 70 years! Although the days may vary, the festival usually take place in August.

The Festival at Mt. Si is jam packed with activities including the annual Chili Cookoff, the Parade, the Cherry Pie Eating Contest, and the Burstin’ with Blueberries Dessert Contest. Artists from all corners of Washington come to show off and sell their craft along with tasty food vendors. Near the end of the day, the best way is to go out is with a bang, which they celebrate with fireworks! The fun filled day is even more memorable in the presence of the majestic Mt. Si.

Just a sneak peek of some fun activities include:

Wife Carrying Contest

The concept is simple, carry your wife across the course and win her weight in beer! The only rules are that both parties must be 21 and over, and the commitment to have fun! All official rules can be found here.

There’s also a softer version for the younger athletes; carry your sibling and win their weight in root beer! Both parties must by UNDER 21 to participate and set aside the sibling rivalry for the day.

Pet Contest

Your little friend will have the chance to shine with the Festival at Mt. Si pet contest. All well behaved pets are welcomed. Pets will be awarded for best costume or for the most dazzling tricks! No registration fee is required for this event.