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Mount Si

Teneriffe Falls

Magnificent view of Teneriffe Falls. Photo by @jeffysmith17


You’ll sweat on the hike to Teneriffe Falls which was formerly known as Kamizake Falls. In the spring the tread is snow free and the waterfall flows at full volume

Hike to Teneriffe Falls

Path to the Falls

Follow the Mount Teneriffe Road for nearly a mile to an intersection signed for Teneriffe Falls. This is the beginning of the new trail to the falls. Turn right at this junction and the route remains mellow in the first mile. It only gains 375 feet, but if you are looking for a workout you’l get it. You’ll gain 850 feet of the over the last 0.9 miles to the falls.

The 22 switchbacks up to the falls’ base wind in and out of tree cover. As you’re walking through the second and third-growth forests you will enjoy the sounds and sights of the nearby stream. You might find sections of the old bootleg trail that ran parallel to the stream on your hike. Stick to the new trail even though it might be tempting to explore the old trail.

As you near the end of the trail, you’ll see the lower part of Teneriffe Falls. Snap a photo and continue up the last switchbacks to a upper falls viewpoint. You’ll reach the viewpoint about 3 miles from the trail head and 2370 feet in elevation.

Teneriffe Falls
Teneriffe Falls. Photo by Susan Elderkin


Before you enter the trail head to the falls, you will reach a 70-car paved parking area on the left. A discovered pass is required to park there. There are restrooms available at the trail head.

The parking lot is only open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. It is gated and locked after hours. The older parking lot is off-limits, according to the signage on Mt. Si Road.

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