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Selah’s Gifts


This is a store that you’ll fall in love with when you enter. It has a wonderful, collection of unique stuff and every time you go in there will always be something new and interesting. There’s at least one gift in the store that you’ll desire to purchase.The owner, Shelly, is funny and engaging, and she clearly loves what she does. She has an unquestionable knack for merchandise selection and presenting it well. She’s as much curator as she is proprietor.

You’ll enjoy the fact that a lot of the merchandise comes from local and domestic artists along with small businesses. The stuff that is made overseas also comes from small suppliers rather than the big distribution channels. Do yourself a favor in North Bend to check out Selah Gifts. It won’t cost anything until you find the gift that you must purchase. The owner won’t pressure you, so don’t worry.

Store-front of Selah Gifts