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Red Diamond City Motel & The Dutchman’s Lodge


Red Diamond City Motel

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me

Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

Red Diamond City Motel

Twin Peaks (2017):

  • Part 15, 17



The Red Diamond Motel and The Dutchman’s Lodge, in reality Mt. Si Motel is a repeating meeting spot for the cast of Twin Peaks.

Significance of the Two Locations

Red Diamond City Motel

In the show, there is a prostitution ring in the town and the Red Diamond Motel is a popular places to engage with clients. It’s here that Leland attempts to take part in Teresa’s services, along with two other women, but bails last second when it’s revealed that one of them was Laura Palmer, his daughter.

This place was also referenced by Renault during the pink room scene in the final version.

The Dutchman’s Lodge

The Dutchmen’s Lodge is the mysterious location where characters travel through seemingly impossible space. As a mob and gangster friendly place, John Dillinger spent some time inside. Although the lodge officially close and demolished, it was still accessible via the rooms above the convenience store.

Only the exteriors of the Mt Si Motel was used for the show. But it is there where Cooper walked up the stairs to follow the woodsman down the long dark hallway. The courtyard is also used to show Cooper meeting up with the bosomy woman.

Mt Si Motel

Recently sold, the motel was said to undergo some cosmetic changes and remodeling. But fans need not to fret, and room #6, where the trio of women (Laura, Teresa, and Ronette) met is said to remain preserved as it was in 1991.