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Railroad Days


Celebrating the arrival of the town’s first Fire Truck in 1939, Railroad Days celebrates all things Trains, Timber, and Tradition. It was originally organized by volunteer firefighters, but now it’s all for those that have an appreciation, fascination, or want an education of the Pacific Northwest Railway.
Retaining the strong connection that the resident have to their history, this festival encourages the visiting the Historic Downtown Commercial Landmark District, Snoqualmie Falls, and the Northwest Railway Museum whose passenger rail program operates on the same rail line that brought the first regional tourists to the Falls on July, 4 1889. As tradition, the festival usually takes place on the third weekend of August.
Railroad Days 4
Test you limits with games and challenges
Railroad Days 5
Enjoy all the vendors and their crafts!

Although not officially announced for this year, Snoqualmie Railroad Days hosts two live music stages along with a grand parade. Snoqualmie Railroad Days committee selects a community member to serve as Grand Marshal to head the annual Grand Parade. Grand Marshals are selected in recognition of their dedicated service to the community of Snoqualmie. in 2018, committee members selected Snoqualmie City Clerk, Jodi Warren, for the distinguished title.