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Packard Sawmill & Sheriff Station


Packard Sawmill:

Twin Peaks

  • S1 – 8
  • S2 – 6, 10, 16

Twin Peaks (2017) :

  • Part 9

Sheriff’s Station


The Sheriff Station and the Sawmill are actually at this same location; modern day rally driving known as Dirtfish. The building used to be the gatehouse of the Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Mill, which opened as the country’s second electric lumber mill in 1917 until it shut down in 1989. The area itself on Weyerhaeuser Paper Mill 7001 396th Dr. SE is constantly evolving and has a rich history worth checking out.

It contradicts the official map of Twin Peaks (according to Twin Peaks: Access Guide To The Town) as the Sawmill was on the north end of town whilst the sheriff’s office was in the center. Just goes to show the skill and dedication the team had to make the show as unique and true to their vision as possible!

The Sawmill certainly is the center of a lot of tragedy and drama. Labour disputes, deaths, and cut throat rivalries. During the course of the show, the title of being the true owner of the mill kept jumping around; was blood relatives to inherit it or those that got it through marriage? Was is more important to own the mill or to manage it?

Dirtfish Rallying School still offers the opportunity to take pictures of what used to be the police department of Twin Peaks. The front office is still intact it’s still considered a pilgrimage point for fans. Another fantastic treat for the Twin Peaks fanatic is the featured Twin Peaks car that travelers are welcomed to pose and take pictures with.

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