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Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon


Run a marathon with the Tunnels Marathon team and enjoy a 5-star marathon experience. In 2018, over 590 people or around 40% qualified for Boston on this course. Join them in the tunnel marathon, tunnel vision, and tunnel light races throughout out the year!

The race entry includes: customer finisher medal, finisher medal, food and refreshments at finish, Boston Marathon qualification opportunity, 2-mile run through a tunnel, over 20 miles of steady downhill, and a wave start.

Each race begins at the Hyak Lot at Snoqualmie Pass and the Finish Area is just east of North Bend.

Trip to the Tunnel Marathon from Canada

The Course

The race starts at the Hyak trailhead on the John Wayne Pioneer trail east of the Snoqualmie Pass. After half a mile, runners enter a pitch black tunnel for 2.4 miles. A light source or headlamp is highly recommended. Once you are about 50 yards into the tunnel, you can see a pinpoint of light which is the “Light at the End of the Tunnel” over 2 miles away.

Racers continue for 5 more miles through forested slopes to the Iron Horse State Park trailhead at Rattlesnake Ridge. The course then continues on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail through a second-growth forest. The finish is at a gravel parking lot along North Bend Way 2.4 miles SE of downtown North Bend.

The course has mainly packed gravel on an old railway. Many runners enjoy wearing trail shoes and running gaiters.

Race Schedule

Tunnel Marathon – June 9th at 7 am
(Charity Entries Available, Waiting List Open)

Tunnel Vision – August 18th at 7 am

Tunnel Light – September 15th at 8 am

Race Packets and Packet Pickup

Pre-Race Day pickup opportunities will be sent via email to everyone that entered a race.

Race Day pickup is from 5:30-6:45 am in June and August and from 6:30-7:45 am in September

Each runner receives 2 bags for gear drop (1 at the start, and 1 at the station after the tunnel-exit)

There will be Bib tear-off-tags for each bag where emergency contact info is added to the back.

Runner Parking

There is no runner parking at the start line. All runners must park in North Bend and board shuttle buses for a trip to the start area.

June and August Races: Morning shuttle buses to the Start Area from 4:45 am to 6:10 am

September Races: Morning shuttle buses to Start Area from 4:45 am to 6:10 am.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon is a USATF Certified Course

Shuttle buses from the finish line to runner parking lot are provided from approximately 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.

There is no shuttle service from the Finish Area to Start Area.

Drop Off at Start Area is allowed.

Race Start and Waves

The first starting wave is sent at the published start time of the race. Additional waves are sent in close intervals. The Tunnel Marathon Team will assign the waves and runners are required to start in their wave in order to earn a Boston Marathon Qualification. Those who do not start in their assigned wave are not eligible for a Boston Qualification.

Spectator Parking at Finish

Parking is available for friends, family, and spectators about 1000 ft walk from the finish.

Here on Google maps Please only Park here and do not park along the road. Below is a map.

Time Limit for the Race

7.5 hours of official timing and support are offered. If you can average 3.5 miles per hour you will make it!

Where can Spectators Watch along the Course?

Several options are available to watch along the course. Some involve hiking from a trailhead and a Discover Pass is required to be displayed in your Motor Vehicle at all trailheads.

  • Garcia Crossing, exit 38 off I-90 E of North Bend
  • Twin Falls at Twin Falls, exit 38 off I-90 E of North Bend
  • Rattlesnake Lake trail head along Cedar Falls Rd, exit 32 off I-90 of North Bend

Food and Beverages

There is food and beverages available and you can pre purchase the “chili and eats” pass. Or you can pay for it on site. Kids eat free. Refreshments and food for spectators may be limited since the runner are the priority.

Race Website

Runners are able to learn more information about the marathon and sign up at

Sub 3 Marathon & Boston Qualifier