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Elk Herd at Meadowbrook Farm Park


An adult elk herd at Meadowbrook Farm

At Meadow Brook Farm Park, you will have the possibility of seeing elk herds throughout the year. The elk in the Snoqualmie Valley usually stay in distinct home ranges in or near the valley. Most elk today live in the Western States since their habitat has dwindled across North America in recent years.

There are certain signs for elk including: tracks, nipped shrugs and branches, droppings or scat, hair on branches or fences, antler rubs on trees, bugling in the fall mating season, beds and mud wallows, and the smell of elk scent in damp, shady or downwind areas.

Also, observers of elk should follow the following tips: always observe from a distance, use binoculars or spotting scopes, talk quietly and minimize sharp sounds, pets should stay home, do not disturb animals in mating season, never come between a mother and her offspring, walk away slowly if an animal become nervous or walks away, and early mornings and twilight are the ideal times to see the elk.

Elk herd in the grasslands of Meadowbrook Farm