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Twin Peaks:

  • S1 – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • S2 – 8 – 29

Twin Peaks (2017):

  • Part 5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 15, 18

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me

A part of historic downtown North Bend, Twede’s Cafe is best known for its role as the Double R Diner in the hit television series “Twin Peaks.” The episodes where it is featured is above.



Originally Thompson’s Cafe in 1941, then Mar-T Cafe in the 1950’s, and now Twede’s Cafe. It was a staple in the community as it witnessed WWII, the Depression, and the boom of the timber industry. After a fire in July 2000, the diner had been renovated with a more modern look, but later restored to its original appearance as seen in Twin Peaks, just in time for the Twin Peaks continuation.

Aside from selling the show’s iconic cherry pie and “Damn fine cup of coffee”, this small town cafe also offers a wide selections of burgers, sandwiches, and breakfast all day. If you’re looking to purchase a souvenir, Twin Peaks merchandise is also on sale in the back of the restaurant.

If all this talk has you feeling hungry, you can check out their menu here:

The Significance of the Diner

Although the Double R Diner is one of the many reasons why the series has a unique heartbeat, there is more significance to the classic American Diner than meets the eye.

For lack of a better word, the Double R Diner is the safe haven for the characters and where they can express themselves. It’s the light that lures in the characters into a comforting place full of welcoming familiar food like coffee and pie regardless if you’re a local or not. The sense of community that the diner provides proves to be crucial to the people of Twin Peaks; whether is Truman eating a donut whilst talking with the townspeople, Shelly the pretty waitress awaiting an order, or some people dancing to the jukebox. Cooper, despite all his eccentric personality quirks feels no more out of place than the other visitors happily munching on a cherry pie.

The original scenes from the Twin Peaks Pilot and Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me was filmed in the Mar-T Cafe. By the time the official seasons of Twin Peaks was being filmed, a large part of the design was replicated on a Hollywood Sound Stage (although it was still recognizable to the fans). But that all changed when a fire claimed a chunk of the property. The area was remodeled and modernized, a saddening piece of news fans on their Twin Peaks pilgrimage.

But thanks to the push of the renewed Twin Peaks, Twede’s decided to remodel themselves back into the classic, but now slightly more age, Double R Diner. Although fans will know it as the Double R Diner from Twin Peaks, it is still Twedes, a classic American diner, with their own menu and locals that go in there on a daily basis. The decorations will be there for a good long while, hopefully as long as Twin Peaks fans, culture, and lore.

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