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Compass Outdoor Adventure was originally founded in 2007. Luke Talbott, the founder, taught fifth grade in the Snoqualmie Valley. He noticed that creative problem solving stopped when something got difficult with his students. Playing it safe and relying on adults came was primary to exploration and curiosity. In order to accomplish he dreams, he needed to get kids in an environment where they can learn what it’s like to be alive.

The first Compass summer camp started in 2008 with a total of 12 kids. The campers hiked, biked, and got dirty in the forested corridor of Interstate 90. By 2017, over 500 campers, hundreds of rentals, and thousands of corporate folks have experienced the adventures of compass and shown that their own capacities were far greater than they ever thought.

The Shop

Compass Shop

This is the perfect place for a drink after a ride and it has a different vibe than most bars. The shop servers local and craft beers by the bottle. There will always be sports to watch on TV and bikes to admire.


Compass holds numerous events and clinics that are adventures of their own. Prior events include Maintenance: Suspension & Pivots, Blues Walk, the art of jumping with Ben Verde, and Women’s Clothing and Gear Swap with SheJumps.

Corporate Events

Balloon toss between pairs

Compass offers unique corporate team building activities that are designed to get your team to outdoors and working together. Regardless of your goals, Compass will design a memorable outdoor experience that promotes team work and a more energized team. If you only have an hour, compass can get your team outside for a short hike to a trestle bridge or facilitate and indoor team building experience. They can also get your team moving and thinking strategically all day. Companies that Compass has done events with include T-Mobile, Facebook, EA Sports, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Corporate Goosechase


Compass offers bike rentals and snowshoe rentals for the whole family. The bikes have high-end full suspension and hardtails and compass will deliver them directly to your trailhead. The bike rentals serve Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, Tiger Mountain, and Raging River. Compass will help your family experience the winter wonderland at the Snoqualmie Pass.

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Mountain Biking 101

Group learning the basics of mountain biking.

Join one of the adventure groups to learn the basics of mountain biking. In the Intro to Mountain Biking Course you receive a gradual introduction to Duthie Hill’s beginner trailers. On these trail you will learn basic skills and techniques that will open the path to all the trails of the Pacific Northwest.

Meet with the experienced guides for a morning at Duthie Hill in order to learn Mountain Biking basics. You will meet the guides and the Compass Outdoor Adventure HQ in North Bend. There they will have one of their Diamondback Hardtails ready. From the HQ, you will travel in one of their vans to Duthie Hill where you will spend two hours going over the basics. Afterwards, you will head back to the HQ where you are able to enjoy a beer, relax, and play some pool.

 Minimum of 4 people per trip and Hardtail Mountain Bike Rental is included. The adventure is available on Sundays and lasts from 9:00 am to 12 am. It lasts three hours and the ability level is for beginners. The Mountain Biking 101 adventure costs $95.00.

Snoqualmie Valley Adventure

Group biking on the Snoqualmie Valley Bike Path

On this adventure you will be biking 2.3 miles downhill through the 2.3 mile Snoqualmie Tunnel. You will then continue on the 23-mile John Wayne Trail for an epic, one-day adventure.

This old rail line has converted into an awesome bike path. You’ll meet up as a group in Compass Shop and head over to the famous Snoqualmie Tunnel, about a 30-minute drive from the shop. You will ride on your high-end mountain bike and explore the pitch dark railroad tunnel. Bike lights are provided and further down the trail you’ll cross giant railroad trestles, check out magnificent waterfalls, and celebrate the ride. The ride finishes at Rattlesnake Lake where you’ll celebrate the ride. There you will shuttle back to the Compass Shop where you can enjoy a refreshing beverage.

Minimum of 4 people per trip and Hardtail Mountain Bike Rental is included. The adventure is available on Saturdays and begins at 10:00 am and lasts for 5 hours. The ability level is for beginners and the price for the adventure is $85.00

Half Day or Full Day Private Mountain Bike Tour

Instructions being given out for the private tour

Spend the Day with one of Compass’ qualified guides to learn the basics of mountain biking. If you’re an experience rider, they will help take your skills to the next level.

Whether you’re just a beginner or an experience rider looking to work on specific skills, their qualified guides will help build your skills and confidence.

Custom dates are available at 9 am or 1 pm for a half day. The tour lasts for 3-6 hours and the ability level is for beginners up to experts. The price for a half day is $195 and for additional participants it is $125. The price for a full day is $250 and for additional participants it is $195.