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Blue Pine Lodge

The property is private- if visiting, please call ahead of time for permission.

Kiana Lodge is a beautiful and classically Washington place where weddings are reserved to take place there or lovely private events are called monthes in advance. In Twin Peaks, it’s the place where the story starts, where Laura Palmer’s body is found. Well, only the kitchen exteriors. It’s located at 14976 Sandy Hook Rd NE, in Poulsbo.

The Blue Pine Lodge serves as a home for Josie Packard, and Catherine and Pete Martell and gets its name from the fictional Blue Pine Mountain. There are several building there, but the house in question is the one closest to the water. Although it has gone through some changes over the past few years, fans of Twin Peaks will instantly recognize the place through the unique structure and totem poles.

One of the lesser known but still important scenes that was filmed at this location was the little bird featured in the opening credits! Some fans still try to find the “perfect” branch where the bird was filmed, but it has been around 25 years ago. Chances of success are slim but the fun is still there.

The log where Laura’s body was found still remains there. In fact, the lodge celebrates its presence as they placed a small plaque nearby to commemorate the scene and the series. It’s faded from wear and tear, but it still has the Twin Peaks charm as it reads, “A pivotal scene in Twin Peaks’ pilot episode was filmed here in 1989. Laura Palmer was discovered right next to the immense log tethered before you.”

Great Northern Hotel

Kiana Lodge was also the filming location for the Great Northern Hotel interiors. Agent Cooper Dale stayed inside the Great Northern for a good chunk of the series; it’s where he enjoyed his coffee, admired the view, and slept in room 315. Well, this is mostly accurate. The exteriors of the Great North is none other than the Salish Lodge and Spa, but the interiors were the Kiana Lodge but room 315 can be rented out and enjoyed in Salish Lodge and Spa.

Some of the other filming moments that includes the Great Northern Hotel (Kiana Lodge) is the hotel lobby which was used for the pilot and the hotel’s Moose Room was filmed as the Horne’s dining room as well as Ben Horne’s office.

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