Downtown North Bend Vacation Rental

Mother in Law Park St Suite

Mount Si

About Us

  • Super Host on AirBnB
  • Proud Snoqualmie Resident
  • Clean Freak

Hi my name is Rick. I have been a host for about a year. I’m a super host on Airbnb but I decided to provide my guest with a website dedicated to my vacation rental.

I have lived and worked in the Snoqualmie Valley for over 20 years. I enjoy running, hiking, skiing, and biking throughout the amazing wilderness areas around North Bend. I also really enjoy great food. My vacation rental is designed to allow privacy, rest, and a nice kitchen so my guest can recharge at night from all the activities around North Bend.

I’m also somewhat of a clean freak. I really hate going to hotel rooms that have not been cleaned completely. My vacation rentals meet my standards—every sheet, blanket pillow case, hot tub, etc is cleaned after every guest—no matter what! I hope you enjoy this website.

I have put together a comprehensive guide to North Bend area. I give my personal opinion on the best the valley has to offer. And, there is even detailed information on the Suite—how to turn on the TV, operate the hot tub, etc. Thanks for letting me be your host!      

– Rick

If you have any questions regarding the area, the property or availability please drop us a line

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